We sometimes feel that life goes by too fast; that technology is both a blessing & a curse…and that keeping track of all the internal & external forces that directly impact our lives is a daunting task.

In the midst of all of this, turn to:

The Principle of Uncertainty… where everything may be unpredictable or even unthinkable but where our purposeful and illuminated actions can affect the outcome of the universe.

-Antonio Lucio


Check out this article about Leadership written by Antonio Lucio- Global leader for Visa  


// Takeaways:

We cannot predict the future (shocking revelation) but we can observe & interact with reality to influence it.

Keys to leadership in the 21st century-

1. Be anchored in a purpose. Note that we are judged by our intentions, actions & omissions. 

2. Have a holistic view of the world. Combining economic, political, social, consumer, & technological trends. Note that business is about enhancing every life & community we touch. 

3. Live in both global & local worlds. 

4. Understand citizens & consumers, solve people’s problems with real solutions.

5. Operate under “centralized decentralization”—allow units to operate freely within markets—tethering them by a sense of aligned purpose, clearly defined roles, & constant communication. 

6. Resilience » Fall. Quickly pick yourself up. Learn. Continue. Result: an unwavering faith in your purpose & inherent positive outlook on life. 

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