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Pronunciation: \ˈshə-fəl\

Function: transitive verb [that’s me, consistent transit, consistent action]

Inflected Form(s): shuf·fled; shuf·fling

Date: 1570 [in this case circa November 1988]

1 : to mix in a mass confusedly : jumble [my life in a nutshell]
2 : to put or thrust aside or under cover <shuffled the whole matter out of his mind> [I tend to do this when it comes to matters of the romantic heart or anything negative, if I don’t remember it, it didn’t happen…]
3 a : to rearrange (as playing cards, dominoes, or tiles) to produce a random order b : to move about, back and forth, or from one place to another : shift [I’m a constant nomad, living from suitcase to suitcase, sleeping bag to cuddle cove, for the last 7 years. Home has become a state of mind, a theory,  a place that exists between the wavelengths of communication and the tendons of relationships in family & friends. Mi casa es tu casa, welcome]
4 a : to move (as the feet) by sliding along or back and forth without lifting b : to perform (as a dance) with a dragging, sliding step [shuffle shuffle, step step step, or perhaps cupids shuffle, either way…I just wanna dance, take note: I am a white girl…i lack the rhythm  but I’ve got the SOUL]

 intransitive verb

1 : to work into or out of trickily <shuffled out of the difficulty> [Conflict is usually self-inflicted, we get ourselves into it…in some cases we don’t…regardless, we can get out of it. it will be tricky. proceed with caution]
2 : to act or speak in a shifty or evasive manner [I’ll admit it]
3 a : to move or walk in a sliding dragging manner without lifting the feet b : to dance in a lazy nonchalant manner with sliding and tapping motions of the feet c : to execute in a perfunctory or clumsy manner [a. i get lazy b. i probably do this c. im quite clumsy]
4 : to mix playing cards or counters by shuffling [People say we’ve given ‘cards’ in life and its up to us what we do with those ‘cards’….those cards are our opportunities, our gifts, our skills, our blessings… use them, but don’t get too comfortable…mix it up once in a while…quite often…you’ll suprise yourself]

this is me. alexa lynn martz. im shuffled. i shuffle. im shuffling. you get the point. or at least i hope you do. life is never organized, no matter how hard we try. we are all fractals: beautiful chaos. Be suprised.

Shuffle away.

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